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Monday, July 28, 2008

Brass Knuckle Beat Down 2008!

Just Ride Skatepark's Myspace
Divisions: Beginner, Open, 25 and Up, Ladies
Saturday August 16th Registration & Warm-ups
12pm - 2pm Beginner Competition
Open Division Round 1
25 and Up Division Round 1
Ladies Competition
25 and Up Finals
Open Finals
Award Ceremony
After party
The contest is $3 to watch, $25 to compete.
Since there are so many divisions, people can skate (to their ability) multiple divisions and only pay for 1. It's going to be $25 to skate all divisions, and with the exception of beginner division, all other divisions can be skated by participants. For example, a 26 year old male can skate the 25 and Up division and open division. A 28 year old woman (if experienced enough) can skate the Ladies division, 25 and Up division, and Open divsion. All for $25.
1st place for Open division gets $300, some product, and brass knuckles 1st place for 25 and Up gets brass knuckles and product 1st place for Ladies division gets brass knuckles and product 1st place for Beginner division gets product and a stern lecture about helmet safety, by Seth Andrews (hahahaha). There will be food for sale during the competitions, and super clean air conditioned bathrooms will be available for loitering in. Live music at the skate park, after party down the street at a place called The Chug.
-Vince Morretino (Event Organizer)
See you there...

The site is up!

The site and messageboard are now up and running. Make sure to check the board out and register. The myspace page is just now getting started but if you want to send a friend it is.
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