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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Next Tuesday Night Skate 9/2/08 at 6PM - Zionsville Skatepark

Come out this coming tuesday to Zionsville or you will have bad luck for 10 years. We'll be going to skate some street after we skate the park for a while so it should be fun. If anybody wants to make a tuesday night skate edit send me an email...let's get some involvement people. Outside of Indy especially, let's get something up on the site! See you there! Oh yeah, KY battle edit up tonight, BNB...soon.
Photo: Chris Lenfert

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

KY Battle: Roll Series South East Regional Results

The guys in Louisville know how to party and were definately on their game last weekend. An edit will be up most likely by the end of the week...check back soon.

1-Mark Wojda
2-Max Ballestro
4-Shad Anthony/Chance Bently
5-Mike Harper

Photos: David McBride

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Indianapolis Tuesday Night Skate - 8/26 6PM Carmel Monon Center Skatepark

This tuesday we'll be meeting up at the Carmel Monon Center Skatepark at 6PM and then heading out after a while to do some filming/skating on the northside. Click here for directions. See you there!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Roll Series: KY Battle Louisville South East Regional

The KY Battle is this weekend in Louisville!!! Let's bring some Indiana love to the party...according to Doug Williams there will be chill spots, good music, good friends, Free burgers and ish at the meet spot, Free water, Product toss, Cash prizes, Rollerblading, and a Party.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brass Knuckle Beatdown Results

Event organizer Vince Morretino

Thanks to everybody that made the trip out to Muncie...we should have an edit up by the end of the week as well as some more shots from David so check back!


1. Mark Wojda - $300, Brass Knuckles, product
2. Mike Froemling - Brass Knuckles, product
3. Alex Hancook - Brass Knuckles, product

Honerable mention:

Reed Huston - A Razors backpack filled with gear

Photo: David Mcbride

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Next Indianapolis Tuesday Night Skate (8/19) at Major Taylors 6PM

That's right, next week (8/19) at 6PM at Major Taylor's. Chris Lenfert took some shots of last week's TNS at the Zionsville skatepark and was nice enough to put them online. Check em out at More updates will be coming very soon, including a Brass Knuckle Beatdown Edit...see you there dudes.
Photo: Chris Lenfert Skater: Owen Nevins

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brass Knuckle Beatdown - Just Ride Skatepark Preview

Josh Mayo put this edit together with the help of Vince Morretino. For anybody who hasn't been this will give you a good idea of what the park is there's some good skating too! See you there!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

1st Tuesday Night Skate Edit...In HD!

Indiana Inline 1st Tuesday Night Skate Edit from Indiana Inline
Click the link to see the HD version, it's scaled down here to fit the page. Hope ya'll like it...this was my first HD edit. Thanks one more time to everybody that came out. I just skated the Zionsville park today and it's pretty cool so next week should be awesome.

Indianapolis Tuesday Night Skate - 8/12 Zionsville

The next Tuesday Night Skate (8/12) will be at the new Zionsville Skatepark at 6PM . It's so new I can't even find a picture of it. Eric posted the directions on the they are.

To get to the park from 465 from the west side:
Get off at the 86th street exit and turn right(east). The first road you come to is Zionsville Rd, take a left(north). When you get to 96th street turn left(west) and take it all the way to the park.

To get to the park from 465 from the east:
Get off at the Michigan Rd exit and turn right(north). Turn into the far left lane because at that first light (96th St) you want to turn left(west). Follow it all the way to the skatepark. 96th St turns into Ford Rd, which goes past a small shopping area with lots of food. Right behind the stores is a low handrail you can see from the road. But keep going and the skatepark is maybe a mile farther on the left had side. You turn left on Mulberry Rd and then another left into the park.

Monday, August 4, 2008

South Bend, Indiana Xsjado/Deshi Support Edit

South Bend, Indiana Xsjado and Deshi Support from Integrated Distribution on Vimeo.

Daniel Kinney put this edit together for Integrated Distribution and was nice enough to share it on here too. Skating by Daniel Kinney, Eric Foust, Aut Phanthavong, and Christian Macon.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Indianapolis Tuesday Night Skate

Major Taylor's Myspace
Why Tuesday? Why not? The Next Tuesday Night Skate will be at Major Taylor's in Indy on August 5th starting at 6PM and going on as long as needed. If you're not from Indy and you have a weekly skate let me know. Hopefully we can get an edit of it next week...if not we'll do it the next week. Look out for more updates coming really soon...I'm pacing myself.
(Photo: Major Taylor's Myspace Page)