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Monday, July 23, 2012

KY Battle 2012 Edit by Hawke Trackler and Results

What an amazing day for blading in the midwest. It was really cool to see so many young guys blading and a bunch of usual faces (older guys) hanging out and supporting.  They do this every year...make sure not to miss it next year if you did this time!

KY Battle 2012 from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The KY Battle 12

Taken from

This year marks the 12th Annual Kentucky Battle. The event is hosted in Louisville this year and we just wanted to send out an invite to everyone on Be-Mag's message board. The event will take place on Saturday July 21st. Contest details will be released very soon (meeting spot, contest spots, after party location) 

We hope that everyone is able to make it out. Many companies in the industry have contacted us and promised their support with prizes. We have a fundraiser site online where you can Pre-register and collect some Limited memorabilia that represents the contest. If you are unable to make it this year and still would like to show your support you can make a contribution on the site and your rewards will be mailed to you! Please visit for full details. 

We are very excited about the event this year. You can follow us on FB, Instagram, Tumblr to stay updated on event details and sponsors. 

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there.

KYB.MMXII | 12th Annual KY Rollerblade Contest

Kentucky Battle MMXII . Louisville KY . Facebook .
p: 1.805.270.3449 | e: | ig: kythekybattle12

And here's the edit from the last time I went.

The 2008 KY Battle in Louisville - Roll Series South East Regional from Indiana Inline on Vimeo.

Clip of the Week: Garret Mitschelen

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 More Years...

I just renewed this old boy for 2 more years...I could use some help with content, design, and pretty much anything else that you can bring to the table.  I know there are still people blading.  Let's prove it.

Also, moving forward.  I have widened the blog so we can properly show HD videos.

YouAutToKnow - Aut's youtube channel. Too much content!

Way too much quality blading here...if you have content get at me. I would really like to get some sort of blade b-q going on this summer too. Who's in? Also, anyone going to the KY Battle?

Sorry the rest of these are small...I didn't update the width until after I made this post.

Garret Mitschelen Clip of The Week

Skating IU

Nickelodeon throwback

Skating The Kitchen

Throwback Alaskan Montage

Tater Tauts

Teter Aut

Columbus Power Sesh

Aut IU Skate Clips


Vertigo Skatepark

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New admins coming soon...

I'm working on getting some new admins to help with posting videos and pics. I am so busy with work/life lately that I haven't had a chance to film anything. If you are interested email me at for details.