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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 1st Ever (2013) Naptown Blade Tour - Results and Summary

The 1st ever Naptown Blade Tour is in the books after 9 hours of competing and travelling throughout the city! I would like to give a HUGE thanks to EVERYONE that came out for the event and all of the sponsors (Top Level Society, Razors, Inline Warehouse, E-Rolling, Roller Warehouse, Eulogy, Remz, and Aggressive Mall). Thanks to Ryan Benner for helping judge and for this photo that I stole from your facebook page. Also, thanks to Sarah Andrews, Tim Schmidt, Andrew Thompson, Chris Timmerding, Owen Nevins, Jeremy Adamowicz, and probably some other people I'm forgetting for helping with other random things throughout the comp.

Considering the success from this year...there will most likely be another blade tour to look forward to next year. Also, look forward to an edit from the contest from Aaron Schultz. Without further adieu...I present the results of the 2013 Naptown Blade Tour.

1. Justin Frederickson
2. Mitch Hoff
3. Eric Robinson and Josh Broughton (tied)


1. Egon Naab and Reed Huston (tied) - $140 Cash Each
3. Aaron Pyle
4. Garret Mitschelen
5. Luke Rappa

Best Trick - Sponsored By: Top Level Society

Myles Barnett - $50 Cash