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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Rock and Roll" - The Symptom Team Video

Sections on Loran Bohall, Sean Callahan, Mark Wodja, Ross Anthony, Blake Sandifur, and Brian Walker. Eight wheel pride.

"Perspectives" Full Video by Dave Paine & Jon Julio

A unique film designed to reflect the inner soul of the skating industry. Veteran skate film director Dave Paine (VideoGroove Magazine Series) teams up with Jon Julio (Pro Skater) to bring an up close and personal insider's view of today's skaters and their lifestyles.

Perspectives features well known skaters as well as relative unknowns from throughout the US with a few featured stops in Europe. Perspectives includes music inspired by the inline skate culture and unique lifestyle. Rperesenting free form expression, combining live performances and DJ's.

Featuring: John Starr, Jason Reduta, Louie Zamora, Brian Shima, Quang Do, Donny Garcia, Scott Crawford, Josh Petty, Sean Cullen, Bruno Lowe, Aaron Feinburg, Dustin Latimer, Kevin Gillan, Troy White, Jon Elliott, Ryan Jacklone, Med Abrous, Arlo Eisenburg, Chris Edwards, BJ Bernhardt, Pat Lennon, and Randy Spizer.

The 8th Wonder - Full Video

This was the first skate video I ever owned. I bought it at TA(Travel Alternative) in Indianapolis a little after I had started skating. It's still one of my favorite old school skate videos. Enjoy.

"The 8th Wonder is the first video from Northern California based On-Point Productions. The video features skaters from Texas, Minnesota, Chicago, and Southern California. The video also features profiles on Robert Guerrero, and newcomer from Nor-Cal, Brandon Smith. Other featured skaters are Vinny Minton, Jared Magers, Pat Lennon, Brian shima, Eric Garcia, Louie Zamora, Johnny Hedges, and many others." (Taken from the back of the box)

Directed By: Justin Lomax & Francisco Pupo