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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Indiana Inline's 100th Post Celebration and The 2008 Brass Knuckle Beatdown Edit!

OMG!!! 100 Posts in less than a case you couldn't tell I'm making a concious effort to post news and media as much as possible so do your part and let me know if you've got anything that should be up on the main page. I was planning on putting up one of Josh Mayo's sections from the Year In Review DVD but I'm having some issues converting the files to the propper format so that could be a day or 2 away. Anyways, finally got all the footy for the Blade Jam so expect an edit within a week. Keep checking and using the site to your advantage so we can see another 100 posts and another and another and so on. Peace.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Year In Review DVD Vol I - Day 1 "Owen Nevins 2008 Mini-View"

Owen for day one...Alex for day 2...BNB coming soon.

New blader in Lafayette, IN

Say hi to Rich everybody...Rich is a brand new blader and is new to Lafayette so hit this dude up and skate with him! He just drove all the way out to Indy to get his first pair of blades together and for a free 1st pair they aren't looking too bad. I've still got plenty of boots to be put together in the garage if anybody new needs some skates so hit me up!

Indiana Inline Year In Review: Vol I DVD Available Now!

Available for only $5 in person or $7 shipped to your door. Email me if you're interested in a copy...I'll barter if needed. However, if you are broke like most of us you can wait to watch it online. Starting in the next few days I will be uploading a section a day (approximately) from the video onto vimeo. Look out for Owen Nevins' 2008 Mini-View dropping first. The Blade Jam story will be up more than likely by tomorrow...I'm just waiting for Be-magto put it up before I post the longer(more photos) version on Indiana Inline. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steven Tat wins the 2009 Major Taylor's Blade Jam!

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get all of the names for the beginner and intermediate comps from Eric at the skatepark but for now here is the placing for the finals of the Advanced contest.

1. Steven Tat (Bowling Green, KY)
2. Jeremy Adamowicz (Indianapolis, IN)
3. Alex Braunagel (Indianapolis, IN
4. Owen Nevins (Indianapolis, IN)
5. Seth Andrews (Indianapolis, IN)
6. Jacob Wilkes (Indianapolis, IN)
7. Danny Gantcher (Ohio)

Check back very soon...I'm writing up a story for about the comp and will post that up on Indiana Inline as well as soon as they put it online. I still don't feel like I've said thanks enough for everyone that helped make this event thanks...again. Peace.

Photo: Steven Tat gettin dat schwag by Chris Lenfert

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blade Jam After Party Details!

What an amazing comp! More news very very soon but for now here are the after party details. The after party will be at Jake Wilke's house at 8240 W. 21st st. Indianapolis, IN 46214. Make sure to park in the back! You can show up at 6 or any time thereafter...we'll premiere the Year in Review at around 7PM. Going to pick up the keg...see you there!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet Dre Powell at the Major Taylor's Blade Jam

Dre will be at the comp representing Razors to the fullest...make sure to come out and meet a veteran Pro who has paid his dues in the rollerblading world. Check out the teaser for Say Word 3 featuring new Dre footage! See you at the comp!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Waiver/Helmet Reminder for the Blade Jam - After Party Details



Anyone without a signed waiver and/or without a helmet will not be allowed to compete. Don't forget we'll have some helmet rentals just in case you forget. And as far as the after party I'll have more details the day of the comp but it will be at Jake Wilke's house and we'll be premiering the Indiana Inline Year in Review Vol. I DVD. Stay tuned for updates regarding the weather for saturday...there is a possibility of having to reschedule or change locations due to rain.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Indiana Inline Year In Review: Vol I DVD is almost finished!

The latest I can accept edit contributions is Thursday so make sure to hit me up if you have something. Remember if you skate in the comp you get a free copy and it's only $5 if you don't. All proceeds from the comp will go to the complex so feel free to be lazy and buy one from me...Ha.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Balance Online Magazine Issue #1 By Vincent Morretino: Presented By

Click here to Download

Welcome to the first issue of Balance. The purpose of this publication is to showcase the lives, history and interests of rollerbladers around the world, and how they balance their passion for rollerblading with their day-to-day lives.
-Vincent Morretino

Today's Indianapolis Monday Night Skate(6/15) will be at Major Taylor's 6PM

So be there...street session after park warmup.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Indiana Inline Year In Review: Volume I DVD news and The 2009 Bittercold Showdown Edit Finally Arrives!

Bittercold Showdown 2009 By Indiana Inline from Indiana Inline

A month or two ago I had an interesting idea that is finally seeing the light of day. My idea was to start a yearly video magazine for Indiana Inline to show the highlights of everything that went down for that year. Included in this volume will be everything that has already been showcased online and a bunch of other bonuses. In no particular order the sections will be: Bittercold Showdown 2009, Brass Knuckle Beatdown 2008 by me(and possibly Josh Mayo's as well), KY Battle 2008, South Bend Spotlight by Daniel Kinney, Bittercold Showdown 2009 Box Session, Alex Braunagel 2008 Mini-View, Alex Braunagel 2008-2009 Profile by Josh Mayo, Owen Nevins 2008 Mini-View, and Seth Andrews 2008 Mini-View. The biggest news on the DVD is that the trailer for Tiny Beautiful Things will be on it as well…it will eventually go online but for a short while it will only be available on the DVD.

These are just the confirmed sections in Volume I...I am hoping that Josh Mayo will have time to get one more section finished and if there is anybody else with any crew edits, profiles, or contest edits that would like to contribute please let me know because I would like to pack as much onto the DVD as possilbe. Anyone seriously considering contributing keep in mind that anything submitted must be received by next Sunday(6/14) at the absolute latest to make sure there is enough time to have the DVD ready for the Blade Jam on the 20th. Anyone interested in a Blue-Ray copy must contact me prior to the comp. Feel free to email me at with submissions, questions, or funny cat pictures.

Today's Indianapolis Monday Night Skate(6/8) will be a Street Only Session

It was supposed to rain today but it looks like we'll be alright. If anybody is down for a street session I'm working on getting some people together in Broad Ripple since there are lots of untapped spots in the area. Give me a call or send me an email if you want to come out. Check back later today for the 2009 Bittercold Showdown edit that's finally going up and more news on the Indiana Inline Year in Review: Volume I DVD.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Bearings and Bruises" Inline Contest - Rockford, IL (8/9/09)

This contest is being put together by Tracy White with the help of Daniel Kinney. Looks like it'll be a good comp...hit up the messageboard if anybody is interested in starting a caravan. Get out and support the people that keep rollerblading alive.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Download the Waiver for the 2009 Blade Jam Here!

Official Waiver Form

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YOU MUST HAVE THIS FORM SIGNED BY YOUR PARENT OR GUARDIAN!!! Tell your friends and make sure to bring it with you. I'll have copies at the registration table for anyone with their parents there as well. Don't forget to bring your helmets...see you soon!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The 2009 Major Taylor's Blade Jam - June 20th and More News!

If you know anybody that rollerblades tell them about this comp! It's been way too long since there was a contest at Major Taylor's and I honestly think this could be one of the best ever. I'll be bringing the Indiana Inline Slider Box that was crafted by Matt Lorch so make sure to come out and skate it. In other news I am officially announcing that Indiana Inline's first DVD will be available at the contest for $5 for spectators and free for competitors. The DVD will be called Indiana Inline: Year in Review Volume 1. This "Mini-DVD" Will feature all of the edits and videos that are online on our page as well as a Bittercold 2009, Brass Knuckle Beatdown 2008, and some other bonuses including the first teaser for Tiny Beautiful Things. AKA...the real video I've been filming for. is going online soon so make sure to check back! See you there!

Monday, June 1, 2009

This weeks Monday Night Skate at Major Taylor's 6PM (6/1)

Lot's of people have been asking for a Major Taylor's gets darker much later now so we'll have more time to skate the park and still have time to skate some street so everybody's happy. See you there.
Photo: Josh Mayo Truespin Pornstar still from video