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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kiss My Butt (The Crew Video) - Full Video and Bonus

About a year after Gnar was released I had acquired some new footage and still had a lot left over from gnar so I made this. This was (obviously) not a serious film which made it that much more fun to put together. Featuring a Jeremy Adamowicz Profile. Circa 2005.
-Seth Andrews

Full Video

Bonus Edit #1

Bonus Edit #2

Raw Clips Bonus

Inline Contest Raw Footage Bonus

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whoosiers? By Thomas Lynch and Seth Andrews

Whoosiers? started out as separate videos that Thomas and myself had been working on. Tom had a really solid video ready but it was short. We decided to pool our efforts and I made a couple of montages with my footage to go along with his video. Whoosiers? came out after Naptown's Nappiest and was the last video to come out of Indy until Gnar. Sections on Jake Wilkes, Loran Bohall, and Brian Walker. Circa 2001.
-Seth Andrews

Naptown's Nappiest By Thomas Lynch

Naptown's Nappiest came out after Represent and before Whoosiers? Some people say it is the raddest of all the old school indianapolis blading vids...check it. Sections on Gavin Fridlund, Jake Wilkes, Jake Shotwell, and Joe Grant.
Circa 2000.

"Gnar" By Seth Andrews - Full Video and Bonus Content

I filmed for Gnar for about two years while traveling across Indiana and surrounding states. This came out in early 2004 and had a brief mention in Daily Bread in the Amateur Issue among many other blading videos. This was definitely the peak in Indianapolis/Indiana blading but things are definitely better than where they were a few years ago. Full sections on Jeremy Adamowicz and Jake Wilkes.
-Seth Andrews


Jeremy Adamowicz


Night Section

Jake Wilkes





IRSC 2.0

BCSD 2003

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Conner James - La Porte, IN **Reader Submission #2**

Hey man just busted out the skates and uncovered the ramp. I got a pretty cool picture on my little p-rail.
-Connor James

CJS Crew Video By Collin Hilton

An old video Collin made that I found in a drawer in my desk. Good stuff. More to come soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick Clips - "Race Day"

Quick Clips - "Race Day" from Indiana Inline
This is a lazy sunday spent skating while the Indy 500 hammers on. I'm still getting used to my new T3i and Rokinon fisheye so I just used this opportunity to get some practice. Not a ton of clips but it was a fun day and it was fun putting this together.

Jookabox "Man-Tra" From "The Eyes of the Fly"