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Monday, July 27, 2015

Indiana Blade Tour & Naptown Street Jam Recap

After months of preparation and hard work the Indiana Blade Tour and Naptown Street Jam have finally concluded.  It was a super long week full of tricks, clips, antics, drama, fruit snacks, tambourines, safety meetings, and camping but we did it!

Considering how much filming went down over the course of the week (over 4 - 5 different cameras), it will take us some time to get all of the footage together.  BUT, as soon as it's all acquired, I will be making a full length video documenting our entire trip.  Until that time, I'm going to just post some photos from the tour and comp below to give you an idea of what we experienced.  Words can only go so far in describing the biggest week in Indiana Blading History.  Enjoy!

All photos by Kyle Vice

Tyler Ailes - Mute 180 Line

Todd Hersberger - Forward gap to Topsoul 

Parker Alexander - 180 Gap

Jake Walker - 360 Line

Austin Loomis - Kindgrind

George Matthew - Topacid Line

Dwight Harding - Thinking about jumping this fence

Eric Foust - Top Acid

Jake Walker with his fancy whistle

Austin Loomis - BS Farv 450 out on long drop rail

2nd Angle

Christian Macon - Switch Topacid to slam

The Kitchen Skatepark - Private Session

Seth Andrews - Getting people pumped with the Tambourine

Tyler Ailes - backslide cess up and across to makio back down

Eric Foust
Parker Alexander - BS Unity

Austin Loomis - Topacid

Todd Hersberger - Makio switchup

Christian Macon - Alley-oop X Grind to switch topsoul

Parker Alexander - Royalle

Austin Loomis - Kindgrind

 Dwight Harding - Disaster Soul

 Dwight Harding Soul through the kink to rail

Owner of the Kitchen Brett Banasiewic and Aut Phanthavong

 Jake Walker and Parker Alexander being weird

 Aaron Pyle getting x rated

 Tyler Ailes getting creative at the Kokomo Pipeline

 Todd Hersberger - Top Porn at Columbus

 The crew chilling at Clifty - Columbus

 Peru Skatepark

  Peru Skatepark

Dwight did a fishbrain stall on that thing...

Spot 1

Spot 4

Spot 5


I want to wholeheartedly thank everyone who was involved in making this tour and contest a reality.  From organizers, to those who came on the tour, to those who simply came out to the comp or tour to hang out.  Without you ALL, this would not have happened.  Specifically I want to call a few people out as well.

Jake Walker:  You were the inspiration for making this tour happen and you stayed on it the whole time.  You kept your cool (for the most part) and let a bunch of smelly rollerbladers stay at your place multiple nights.  A big thanks to Colleen for putting up with us as well.  Also Leeroy and your cat for being super cool.

Kyle Vice:  You also kept your cool the entire time even though you were doing the majority of the annoying work on the tour.  You drove the van the whole time, you were our treasurer, and you were always working your magic in the background ensuring the tour was running smoothly.  We couldn't have done it without you bud.  We all look forward to what you will continue to bring to the Indiana blading scene.

Eric Foust:  You were also huge in the preparation and day to day management of the tour.  You did the Indiegogo campaign pretty much on your own and you did an amazing job with the writing on said campaign.  You let us crash at your house to start the tour and you also have a badass dog and cat combo (STRYYYKAAAAAA!!!).  We are lucky to have you as a blader and as a professional adult.  Thanks again for all of your help!

Add Sinchai of Sinchai Dental:  Add used to blade back in the day and he is an amazing person (and also my personal dentist).  Add donated $150 to the tour just to support us.  That's pretty amazing, all we did was put his logo on the van.  We owe you one buddy.  If you don't have a dentist, give Add a call.

Christian Macon:  You got hurt way too early but you were such a great sport.  You helped film, you chilled, and you supported whoever needed some juice.  You gave Dwight a great run for his money on the "Too Easy" fanny pack award too.  Super glad you decided to stick it out and finish the tour!

Tim Schmidt:  Thanks for giving us a really cool place to crash in Lafayette.  Also thanks for letting us skate your rad new rails and for the constant safety meetings to make sure we were all on track.

Top Level Society Best Trick (On the Tour) - $100 Cash

Austin Loomis - Topsoul the huge wooden rail at Columbus Skatepark

Sequence by Eric Foust

Kaltik "Too Easy" Fanny Pack Winner:
Dwight Harding

Dwight kept his cool the entire tour and comp, skated great, and also helped out Tim A TON with the taking down and transportation of the Muncie Skatepark ramps (after they went out of business in the middle of the tour).  Unfortunately Dwight lost his fanny pack so if you have seen it please contact someone from Indiana Inline to get that badass piece of blade apparel to the rightful owner.

Naptown Street Jam Results:


1.  Myles Barnett
2.  Jeremy Adamowicz
3.  Dwight Harding
4.  (Tie)  Tanner Tyree & Austin Loomis
6.  Aaron Pyle


1.  Charles Jourdan
2.  Will Shaw
3.  Matt Williams

Inline Warehouse Best Trick:

Myles Barnett - Gap over power line to backside on rail

Clip by John Dillingham (Top Level Society)

And last but certainly not least, I want to thank all of our amazing sponsors.  Please keep these companies in mind when you go to make your next blading purchase.  Our sport is so small right now...we have to support the companies that support us back.  We gave out probably over $1,000 worth of product during the contest/tour.  

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